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    Policy Monitoring And Action

    At Impactivo, we have proven expertise in identifying and accessing federal funding as well as in analyzing the implications of policy changes on social and business environments.

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    We guide clients through strategy processes by performing research, designing, execution and documenting strategic plans, and creating measurement & evaluation systems.

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    Financial Sustainability

    We help clients develop appropriate structures to maximize and attain revenues in a way that is congruent with the organization’s plans to provide services.

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    Health Systems Research

    Impactivo’s expertise in health care and knowledge of health systems offer a specialized approach to clients in the health industry. We examine the organization, financing, and delivery of  health service. 

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    Childhood Education

    Impactivo recognizes the importance of a long-term vision for child development. We help clients plan, structure, execute and evaluate interventions in this space.

Who We Are

Impactivo is a social impact consulting firm that specializes in the field of health and healthcare, childhood and education and philanthropy. We produce solutions that translate research and policy to action and build systemic, operational and strategic funding capacity.
Impactivo offers a wide array of services in Strategic Funding, Financial Sustainability, and Program Management to support leaders at the forefront of social innovation in making strategy and organization decisions that lead to exceptional results. We are dedicated to the development of positions that improve the health status, educational attainment, and general wellbeing of the people of people who live in Puerto Rico and abroad.

Impactivo Success Stories

Mapping the Path to Major Donors

Impactivo was engaged by a large non-profit organization to provide three-year fundraising projections, structure a corporate donor campaign, and support the development of a major donor campaign. Our efforts included an assessment of current donors to devise sponsorship packages, branding the program, development of a donor benefit package, candidate descriptions, materials, and a proposed governance structure. As an outcome of this campaign, the organization secured gifts valued at $3 million dollars over the course of a year.

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BCorp certification is issued by the nonprofit BLab to organizations that meet the most “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency” (BLab).

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