ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Consolidating your clinical and financial data

We Specialize In

  • Strategy and Management Consulting
  • Leadership
  • Workforce & Workplace Development & Learning
  • Data Insights
  • Research & Evidence-Based Practices
  • Funding Strategy and Public Policy and Patient Advocacy for Health Transformation based on a Social Responsibility Business Model.


ACT-ON-HEALTH financial data

ACT-ON-HEALTH™ enables you to deliver your desired clinical and financial data.
Our clients have generated millions in savings using these tools.

IMPACTIVO™ provides the service of ACT-ON-HEALTH™ : is a robust set of solutions that will enable you to deliver your desired clinical and financial data by:

  • Consolidating and visualizing your clinical and financial data so you can drill deeper into your understanding of key performance indicators.
  • Strengthening your capacity to make data-driven decisions and plans.
  • Bringing your plans immediately to life through the development of accountability tools.
  • Guiding your Executive Team to translate strategy into individualized 90-day action plans for each functional area and coaching them to achieve quick results.
  • Sustaining the momentum of execution and ensuring alignment across functional areas so your plans move forward.
  • Keeping you informed of market changes so you can proactively adjust your plans.
  • Providing you with feedback on team engagement and recommendations for improved team functioning.
  • Providing you with tools to objectively measure and illustrate the clinical and financial impact of plan execution.

ACT-ON-HEALTH™ enables you to deliver your desired clinical and financial results. Clients have generated millions in savings using these tools.

ItrACT™ Telehealth readiness self-assessment for care transformation.

The ItrACT™ is IMPACTIVO’s exclusive tool developed with the purpose of helping a healthcare facility discover how ready it is to establish a robust Telehealth Plan. This tool  is based on  five (5) domains or areas that impact the facility’s operation, services, personnel, infrastructure, finances, and sustainability, and that must be included in the facility’s Telehealth Plan.  


"If a health center hasn't conducted a comprehensive community health needs assessment, they should do so with Impactivo. Previously, we had been conducting our community needs assessment internally for years, but it didn't cover all the areas that your does. Thanks to the comprehensiveness of your approach, it has helped us in many aspects, such as justifying construction projects, developing funding proposals, and planning new services, like in dental and cardiovascular areas."
Lorena Torres-Mercado
Executive Director HATIMEDIK

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ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Strategic Advantage

The ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Strategic Advantage package includes three distinct solutions that can be purchased independently or as a package. These solutions are designed to complement one another, and you will find greater impact if you purchase the package. In fact, some of the clients already using these services have generated savings in excess of $1.5 million from maximization of value in contracts with payers and improved patient outcomes alone.

The ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Strategic Advantage suite of products:

  • ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Strategy – We support you in the assessment and development of a strategic plan and through the entire annual cycle to ensure quarterly progress updates and execution tracking.
  • ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Execution – We steer your executive team to bring the Strategic Plan to life immediately, aligning execution to KPIs and leading to ROI.
  • ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Data Insights (Business Intelligence & Dashboards) –We assess your data and empower you to make decisions aligned to your KPIs.
  • ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Management Empowerment – We enable your middle management with the leadership skills (why’s and how’s) to successfully execute your Strategic Plan.
  • ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Team-Based Care – An ImpACTivista™ Leader will mentor and provide your staff the critical skills and evidence-based practices needed for success.
  • ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Market Insights – We gather the market data and insights you need to make solid business decisions with the highest impact on the health of the population and your bottom-line.
  • ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Community Health Needs Assessment – IMPACTIVO™’s data collection and assessment will enable the alignment of your services with community needs and facilitate that leaders make informed decisions that significantly impact community clinical results and your return on investment.
  • ACT-ON-HEALTH™ Public Policy for Health Transformation – We will empower advocates and communicators with the facts, data-backed/evidence-based messages and skills to actively engage and enable the transformation of the health systems, creating a bottom-up movement. 

*Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring community health needs assessment software for use by health sector organizations to analyze patient reports, and clinical and claims data to improve decisions, workflows and training based on data.*

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