Impactivo: key partners in the professional development of Public Health students in Puerto Rico

As part of the Region 2 Public Health Training Center in Puerto Rico, Impactivo selected six graduate students as interns this year. The internship experience contributes greatly to the future of their careers in the field of Public Health as it enhances their skills in research, analysis, writing, leadership, among others. The objective of the program is to acquire new skills and strengthen their professional networks; empowering them in their role as health professionals.

This year the interest group is part of the Impactivo team to contribute to the transformation of our health system. In order to obtain an interdisciplinary and enriching work experience, they perform various tasks such as the promotion of health and well-being through the development of digital content for the community. They form a key part in the development and logistics of our Leaders Academy, presentations on Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH), distance learning and community studies.

At the end of the internship, they will have practiced their research skills through literature review, translation of assessment instruments, data collection, and analysis. This year their contribution will help us complete an assessment of the needs of the workforce of Primary Health Centers in Puerto Rico, helping in the development of training materials tailored to the needs of this population.

Meet our #ImpactivoInterns

In this year’s group are Gianni, Josely, Yanira, Reydi, Valerie, and Sofia. The interns Gianni and Josely share a genuine interest and commitment to research, Yanira is passionate about health issues, Reydi and Sofia are enterprising, leaders and fighters; and Valerie is distinguished by her commitment to the community.

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