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Resignations are at an all time high, our workforce is facing high levels of burn out, and chronic disease continues on the rise affecting the way we live and work.  The purpose of The ImpACTivista Implementation Map is to provide you with a system that supports you and your team in living the healthful, impactful, and joyful life you deserve. I developed this system after driving my body directly into collapse because I was so focused on transforming our health system to improve patients’ health.

Ironic, right?

Like many of you, I was prioritizing work over my health and it was affecting my capacity to have a greater impact.  I needed to find a way of achieving more by focusing on what is important.  Just like the emergency rules on an airplane for using oxygen masks, leaders need to prioritize their health before helping others. It’s not just a matter of self-care, it’s a matter of setting an example. 

What I found was that implementing this system gave me more energy and clarity for greater impact. I am often asked if I can help leaders like you achieve a greater impact without sacrificing their health and their family.  The answer is yes.  This system is designed to help you and your team lead with health for a greater impact at home, at work, and in your community. 

What it is?


  • A clear and simple “implementation map” to achieve a culture of health, impact, and joy designed from a perspective of health equity and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • A flexible bilingual system based on cutting-edge knowledge about preventive healthcare, personal effectiveness, teamwork, and the healthcare industry.
  • A platform for individual and organizational assessments to help you understand where you are, where you can improve and track improvements in performance.
  • Four tools to increase your team’s clarity, planning ability, habit adoption, time management, relationship management, productivity, and energy.
  • An asynchronous educational program available 24/7 that teaches 25+ skills that will take your team to the next level.
  • A continuous group coaching system for ongoing support to achieve and maintain results.

What it does?


  • Increases workforce retention, productivity and commitment.
  • Improves time management.
  • Enables team-based care.
  • Cultivates an organizational culture of health, impact and joy.
  • Aligns your employees to your organizational mission and values.
  • Empowers your leaders.
  • Draws on latest research.

The Lead in Health: ImpACTivista

Implementation Map

is structured around four tools that can be used separately or together for greater effectiveness:



The Lead in Health Guide:


Simple steps to help you clarify what is important to you, so you lead your life with health, impact and joy.



The Weekly Choices Planner:


A tool to help you organize your week for greater health impact and joy.



The Connections Manager Notebook:


A method for organizing collaborations and meetings to maximize health, impact and joy.


The Daily Reflections Journal:


A practice of journaling to help you reflect on how your actions align with your health, impact and joy.

About Impactivo

IMPACTIVO™, LLC. (www.impactivo.com) is an impact-driven consulting firm committed to transforming systems to ensure health for all.

Our integrated solutions empower leaders with the knowledge, resources, data, structure and technology necessary to transform their organizations and monitor progress within a profitable, sustainable and patient-centered model.

We are your partners in enabling your team to improve patient outcomes, demonstrate value and achieve financial success in health.

Meet the Author

Maria Fernanda Levis is committed to transforming health systems to ensure access and health for vulnerable populations. This mission has led her to consults with primary care centers, physician groups, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, payers, and governments on health systems, quality, policy, and financing.

She specializes in innovation, health systems research, strategy development, policy analysis, implementation sciences, patient-centered medical home transformation, quality improvement, public health emergencies, and value-based health care projects in New York, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.

 As an expert in health reform, she has designed and implemented methodologies for the effective implementation of evidence-based practices, community health needs assessment, leadership development in times of crisis and strategic planning integrating quality, value-based payment, and compliance to strengthen provider capacity and health outcomes.  

She has been principal investigator and/or project lead under awards from the National Science Foundation, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the CDC Foundation, and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.  

She has also been a fellow of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Harvard Center for Public Leadership, and the National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health.  

Ms. Levis has also published on the Health Affairs Blog and Huffington Post Blog. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Health Policy and Negotiations from the Harvard Kennedy School and a Master’s in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health, a Certification as a Data Science Manager from John Hopkins University, a Yoga Alliance Y-500 Certification, and recognition as Patient-Centered Medical Home Content Expert from the National Coalition for Quality Assurance. She is also the mother of a kind and mindful teenager who loves to surf and keeps her balanced.

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