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IMPACTIVO™, LLC.  is a social impact consulting firm focused on making health and wellbeing accessible to children, patients, and communities. We use data, design, and inspiration to align the interests of patients, providers, and insurers to fundamentally transform the health care experience. We are a fast-growing gazelle serving clients in New York, D.C., and Puerto Rico.At IMPACTIVO we care deeply about what we do. Oftentimes, our work supports the sole health care provider in an already socio-economically disadvantaged community which means that the success of our projects has direct implications over how people live and die. This drives us to do our work with the highest level of responsibility and excellence. People who thrive at IMPACTIVO are socially committed and inherently curious, always learning and searching for answers to our communities’ problems. We are creative and adaptive professionals constantly looking for innovative ways to improve outcomes for the communities we serve.We value the power of teamwork and respect diversity of ideas all in the spirit of producing the best possible work for our communities. A positive attitude is key to our success. We self-describe as Health Geeks and are looking for others to join our team.

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In this video, we share a story about a woman named Zoraida and her journey through a health system before and after transformation. We showcase our impact in Puerto Rico and beyond. Come get to know us!

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Our team has accessed more than $150 million in grants and federal awards for our projects and clients.

IMPACTIVO™ enables connections that catalyze change. We are your business partners in understanding the health system and empower you and your team to improve patient outcomes, demonstrate value and achieve financial success in health.

Telehealth Editorial

Congrats to the ImpACTeam, especially Maria Fernanda Levis-Peralta, Josette Pagán, Raisa Ugarte, Sofia Ortiz y Gianni Algarín-Rivera for the editorial: Technology to the rescue: The Puerto Rican response to COVID-19 accelerates interest and adoption of Telehealth (“Tecnología al rescate: La respuesta puertorriqueña al COVID-19 acelera el interés y la adopción de la telesalud”) published at local newspaper El Nuevo Día for Hospital Week.

HRSA Townhall 2021

Many thanks to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and Megan Lincoln for the opportunity to present at the Public Health Training Centers Town Hall Telehealth and Virtual Learning.

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